We're growing!

So we started thinking about expansion and the 2019 growing season back in July when it was time to start sowing seeds of biennials (those plants that flower in their second year).  This increased at pace in August when we spent time working out what we wanted to grow more of, what we wanted to grow less of, and what we wanted to grow roughly the same of.  This also gave us an opportunity to pick out the new species and varieties that we wanted to try as we are eager to offer more variety, more volume and something a little bit different to our customers.

In September the expansion began, our growing space is now five times bigger than we had in 2018.  We’ve learnt a lot in our first year as flower farmers – we have a better idea what can be grown close together and which plants benefit from a bit more elbow room!  We’re also increasing our stock of perennial plants to help keep the workload manageable at peak seed sowing time.

This season we grew over 800 plants of 100 different species and varieties.  Next year we’ll be closer to 3,000 plants of 200 different varieties – that’s if we can stop ourselves buying more seeds and plants at every available opportunity!  It is an addiction!

We’re also working on extending our season, so if the weather next Spring is a bit kinder – less ‘Beast from the East’ more ‘Best from the West’ and we have a little less flooding we hope to be able to supply British, seasonal cut flowers from April.  What better present for Mothers’ Day than local, British, seasonal cut flowers?

Finally, we just wanted to say that our flowers sales in 2018 have exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful to all our wonderful customers who have supported our local, seedling business (pun intended!).

Here’s to a future full of flowers!