New beginnings

So, here we are; the start of our first proper year as flower farmers, desperate to really get going, desperate to plant our over-wintered hardy annuals to make room for new sowings, desperate to get our hands dirty and our lungs full of fresh country air, and what’s happened? The “Beast from the East”…

Frustrating? Yes, we couldn’t get outside. Worrying? Yes, we haven’t dealt with this type of weather as a business before. Scary? Yes, what if it killed our sweet peas; lovingly nurtured all winter and now beautifully lined up in the polytunnel?

De-motivating? Heck no, we love the weather, all weather; the seasons are part of what makes Britain so remarkable. How can we call ourselves gardeners or flower farmers if we don’t embrace all that Nature throws at us? If it’s not snow and howling gales it will be drought or slugs or aphids or…. the list goes on. Bring it on! This is what it’s all about, and ok so it’s a slower start and bit scarier than it was a couple of weeks ago but it will still be amazing and so will our flowers. We know we have a solid, well-thought-out plan and we know we can grow beautiful, scented British blooms with which we can create fabulous arrangements.

So, whilst we were trapped indoors; consoling ourselves by tweaking the website and doing all that other stuff that has to be done such as accounts and filing; we were dreaming of Spring sunshine, of new shoots and new beginnings – for our plants and just as importantly for us too.  Stick with us and follow us and live it with us through these posts. It will be hard work, but we’re up for it – we just can’t wait to get properly started.