The beginnings of a flower farm, it all started with a field...

The beginnings of a flower farm, it all started with a field...

our story

Old Farmhouse Flowers is a business partnership formed by Tracey and Kerryn

The ‘Old Farmhouse Flowers’ story began towards the end of 2016 when we started working together and sharing an office.  We soon discovered our mutual love of the great outdoors, particularly of horticulture and gardening, with us both having very productive vegetable plots.

Kerryn was keen to make the most of the land she acquired when moving house at the end of 2013, other than just providing a huge playground for the growing flock of chickens!  In between house renovations Kerryn developed her vegetable garden and started selling her produce at the garden gate.

Tracey’s love of gardening really started to develop when she bought her current house in 2004, the plot provided the potential for her to make her mark and create a productive and beautiful garden.  In 2012 she decided to study horticulture at Nottingham Trent University and was longing for a career change to do more of what she loved – growing.

At the beginning of 2017 Tracey got engaged and immediately knew she wanted to grow her own wedding flowers and Kerryn was still trying to decide what to do with the land available to her.  It was at this point that they came across and booked onto a ‘Growing Your Own Cut Flowers’ course with Rachel Petheram of Catkin.  This course was the start of something really exciting… the first shoots of Old Farmhouse Flowers.

Happy chickens on a local flower farm in Bassingham, Lincolnshire. Sustainable and organic methods growing seasonal British cut flowers.

Full of enthusiasm and amazing ideas we completed a course about becoming British flower farmers with Bristol based Organic Blooms. We also undertook copious amounts of research, learnt some basic floristry skills through courses with local florists and stole space from our vegetable patches to experiment growing our stunning cut flowers.

That year we both had a continuous supply of beautiful, seasonal, sustainable and environmentally friendly cut flowers for our houses and the office.  We became masters of the ‘jam jar posy’ and honed our hand tied bouquet skills.  We also learnt how to cut and condition our flowers and foliage to ensure they achieved their best vase life. 

By mid-summer we knew that a future as flower farmers was absolutely for us!  That was when we began turning over some of the field to turn the dream into a reality.

So in 2018 Old Farmhouse Flowers was born.

A bit of an update

We are now in 2019, our second full year of flower farming. All throughout last year we both continued to work in the ‘day job’ whilst building up a customer base for our flowers. We improved our floristry skills and learnt an incredible amount about growing flowers for cutting, as opposed to gardening. It was hard work but the rewards in terms of the pleasure we saw in our customers’ faces, the healthier lifestyle of working outside and the days when the plot was literally buzzing with insect life made every minute worthwhile.

As we move into the 2019 season we are now growing on five times the area we were in 2018. Our range of varieties and the volume we are able to supply will be significantly increased this year, and we are growing new and unusual varieties not found in wholesalers or florist shops.

As members of Flowers from the Farm, a not-for-profit co-operative of British cut flower growers, we are passionate about promoting the use of British flowers, reducing travel miles and respecting the environment.

In September 2018 we began the expansion…

In September 2018 we began the expansion…